Bibliotheke (also known as Bibliotheka, Bibliothece, or Bibliotheca) is a work by Pseudo-Apollodoros, a 2nd century (whether B.C. or A.D. debated) author from Ancient Greece. Also known by its translated title as "The Library" or, more specifically, "The Library of Greek Mythology", it is possibly one of the largest compilements of Ancient Greek myth actually written in Ancient Greece. Covered in 3 books and an epitome are the Theogony, the Interactions of the gods, the god-wars, the House of Mykenai, the House of Krete, the House of Thebes, the House of Athens, and the Trojan war and its results. In a way, this is the straight-up best possible introduction to Greek Mythology.
Which is why Books 1-3 and parts 1-3 of the epitome will be made into a comic. By me.
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Merry Christmas!

I know it's a little late but I wanted to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I hope everybody got lots of awesome gifts, like I did (I got 'The Complete Dracula', both of Ben Caldwell's art books, and one awesome crucifix necklace above other things), and I also hope everybody was able to be happily with their families on this joyous occasion celebrating good will, generosity, and the birth of Christ.

Oh yeah and Happy Holidays to the peeps out there who aren't Christians bah humbug yadda yadda.


Srry bt th dlys

Sorry about the delays, and I'm also sorry to say that due to technical difficulties, A Vasekhe Christmas Carol will be continued NEXT year.



A Vasekhe Christmas Carol - 08

By the way, Vasekhe's name is pronounced:
Vas (say it like stuck-up, fancy people say vase) - ekhe (say it like icky but with eh- instead of ih-) - us (say it like moose without an "m".


A Vasekhe Christmas Carol - 05

Here's the newest page. By the way, I'm not going to finish uploading the comic by Christmas (duh) but by New Years Day.    {: \


A Vasekhe Christmas Carol - 04

Another page. This time mirroring the Fred-scene at the beginning of 'A Christmas Carol'.


A Vasekhe Christmas Carol - 02

Here's the second page. If you don't know, I'm posting all my Random Nation comics on here now. So if you ask me when this comes out, I'm going to hunt you down, rip out your stomach, and force-feed it to you.

Oh yeah. One more thing.

Patents. Proofs. Originals. Dates. Sue. You lose. Got it.