Hey guys

I seriously haven't posted anything in a while, have I?
Sorry bout that. I've been working on my latest project, plus I've had school work (I've changed schools 4 or 5 times in my life, how was I supposed to know this time it would drastically affect my free time?). But I'm back (mostly cuz I have a 3-day weekend so I don't have to freak out over impending deadlines), and I waned to give some notifications:

First, it's almost Hallowe'en. If you're reading this, please tell me what you'll be doing, since apparently everyone does their own thing, right? I've got parties coming up and I plan to be going as Anubis, Egyptian god of the dead, since I'll have the costume already half-ready once I finish my current history project. I will be trick-or-treating, b/c with my current condition I'll put on a fez and vest and dance like a monkey to reunite with my best friend chocolate again.

Second, I have braces. Finally. I was supposed to get them two years ago but apparently there was something wrong with my teeth that made it so I had to wait til two weeks ago to get my braces. Check my new updated profile pick to see what I look like with em.

Third, I've joined some new sites! First, my new schools literature club website (there's no editor for it tho, so don't be critical about entries posted by people who aren't perfect): Buccaneers' Literature Club! I've also joined deviantart! Jakob Dailes' DeviantArt Page. There you go! Check it out!

Fourth, I'm thinking about making a website. As in, an actual website. Any suggestions on content?

Well, see you later guys.


Holy crap

I'm posting this from my iPad. From school. Awesome.


Max the Super-Speedy Dog!

Check out my YouTube account. If my new video that I made cuz I'm bored isn't on there yet, try again tomorrow.


Google Chat

I've noticed several people (some of which who I actually DID wanna get in touch with) have requested that I Google Chat with them. I'd like everyone (who hopefully is reading this) to know that if you request to Google Chat with me, I'm not ignoring you if I don't get back to you instantly or at all. There are two very good reasons why I hardly EVAH Google Chat:
1. Google isn't the most-advanced hardware in the Home Depot (that's called a metaphor, kiddies). I'm ALWAYS signed in to Google, unless I'm gone for a long vacation from home (which, unlucky for you, I rarely do). Which means that Google shows me as online, even if I'M NOT EVEN ON GOOGLE. That's right, kiddies: Google is LYING TO YOU. However, while I am rarely on Google, I am always on my e-mail (unless I'm not home, of course). So, if you would like to Google Chat me, e-mail me first so that I don't find out about it a week later. (My e-mail, which I have posted everywhere, is mythlover@comcast.net)
2. I have less knowledge of how to Google Chat than a chimpanzee in the Amazon which has never even seen or heard-of Google (and personally, Google Chat gives me nightmares). (That's right, kiddies. More metaphors.) Please bare with me on this: the first time I ever tried to Google Chat was when my cousin Ashley requested me to. So, I clicked that I would do it. Three hours later, and I was still on freakin' Step 1 on How to Google Chat. (One thing that still puzzles me is why Step 1 seemed to have about 30,496 sub-steps.) Most of these sub-steps included the same questions over and over: Do you have a Gmail? Why don't you have a Gmail? Sir, why are you rocking back and forth crying in fetal position (I've only asked you this 30,495 times)? So yeah, apparently Google wasn't satisfied that I had a Google account, but I apparently also had to have a Gmail. While I'm on (slightly) better terms with Google Chat now (I use it sometimes), I still kinda get nightmares about it. So please, gimme a break. I'm just a (not-so)little (adolescent)boy!
So, there's my explanation for why I'm not so great with Google Chat. Have a nice day.


The Classical Club short: The Good Samaritan

Inspired by God to make this the first Classical Club short. Here we go!
All art and text copyright (C) JakobDailes and "The Classical Club(R)" All usage of this art or text (or both) must be alerted to JakobDailes (mythlover@comcast.net) and copyrighted with his name or his company's name.
Certain small details inspired by LordGodsServant on YouTube.
B.T.W. Think Jesus was a good teacher or person but not the "Messiah" or "Son of God"? Comment below.


New Superbook!

(Why wasn't I informed of this?!)
I used to be madly in love with a certain cartoon series called Superbook. It was old, from the 70's or 80's, but I thought it was a good show, and I enjoyed each episode I could get my hands on. Basically it was about these two kids and their robot-toy Gizmo, who owned a magic storybook that could suck them into the past and let them relive historical events from the Bible.
Anyway, I just found out that for the last 2 YEARS a CGI remake of the series has been in production and on TV, and NO ONE HAD TOLD ME.

Lives will be lost tonight.
But not before I find every friggin' episode of the awesome-sauce.


Look, I'm on YouTube!

I've got a YouTube accout now. I've been wanting to get one for a while, but never got around to it till now. No videos yet, but there will be. So look for JakobDailes on YouTube (I know, it is an original and unexpected username). Look for me!