New Superbook!

(Why wasn't I informed of this?!)
I used to be madly in love with a certain cartoon series called Superbook. It was old, from the 70's or 80's, but I thought it was a good show, and I enjoyed each episode I could get my hands on. Basically it was about these two kids and their robot-toy Gizmo, who owned a magic storybook that could suck them into the past and let them relive historical events from the Bible.
Anyway, I just found out that for the last 2 YEARS a CGI remake of the series has been in production and on TV, and NO ONE HAD TOLD ME.

Lives will be lost tonight.
But not before I find every friggin' episode of the awesome-sauce.


  1. I've kept tracked of this new Superbook ever since it announced they were remaking the show; then the new episode was released and it all went down from there...:-/

    I grew up on the original anime as well, and had fond memories of the show (I still watch it from time to time). When I took a look at the episode, it was just a pure abomination to Superbook and anime fans in general. They even had the nerve to ruin Chris, Joy and Gizmo's character design, take out Ruffles, and redo the environment as a 'Jimmy Neutron/Retroville' ripoff.

    In the words of the Nostalgia Critic (well, not word to word quote): "This is jumping the shark, coming back, shooting it down, butchering it into pieces, eating it's flesh, consuming it's soul, mounting it's head on the wall, and then doing the same thing to 12 more friggin sharks just to be safe."

  2. Really? No Ruffles? *sniffle*
    I've heard that most people who saw the original Superbook still liked this one, but I guess I'll watch it anyway to see if I agree. Really, I just care about how they make the Bible stories look. :D

    <3 ~RIP~ <3 In Loving Memory of Ruffles

  3. There should be a Ruffles internet joke in the style of the NC's "Boomer will live!" joke he did from his review of Independence Day. XD

    "What about Ruffles?!"

    "Ruffles...will live." XD

    Anyway, I saw the new episode 'A Giant Adventure' when it was released; I wasn't impressed. Think of it as Robot Chicken, without the comedy-- in this case, imagine David, son of Jesse, as a ninja who can do backflips, use his staff as a weapon, and yes, kill lions by simply grabbing them by the beards (I wish I were making that up right now).

    Even the new 'Superbook' device looks like nothing more than a ripoff of the Phoenix Gate from Gargoyles.

    And to be honest, the story isn't that good.

    I know I'm judging after seeing one episode, but I've also seen clips of the new episodes; they're not so good either.

  4. I thought David looked like a ninja in the commercial... I thought it was just my imagination... :(
    At least they use the original Bible verses. {:)

  5. Let's just hope they do anything stupid like have Gideon and the israelites surprise the Amalakite camp by farting nuclear bombs out of their butts (after all, the story of Gideon is one of my favorite Bible stories), or give Jesus blonde hair like they did in HB's Greatest Adventures: Stories of the Bible Easter story.

    And if you didn't think the Ninja David was enough, wait till you see the Superbook trading cards. O.O

    I wouldn't of posted the "This is jumping the shark..." if it weren't for those meddling cards XD

  6. I think the trading cards r good. I mean, at least their getting kids interested in the stories.
    Tho, i do agree about all that stuff going too far. Israelite ninjas with blonde hair. Makes perfect sense!

  7. I understand the idea of helping kids be educated on Bible stories (I'd do it myself if I had the chance), but this is kinda going too far, if you ask me.

    Considering that CBN's goal is to give greater awareness to Bible literacy, they're not doing a good job by accepting new SB episodes that go too far by stereotyping the Bible characters, such as David, as a ninja and making the Wise men from Daniel's time look like idiots. XD

    I actually learned that the production team for SB, originally intended on continuing the show's style as an anime. But of course, CBN rejected that pitch because it wasn't what they were looking for anymore-- they wanted more CGI oriented style tech because it was more profitable in today's economy.

    In other words, they decided to make Superbook CGI-oriented and make sure it's nothing like the original because....