I'm finished! Whoo

I just finished drawing, coloring, bubbling, and writing...

Ain't it cool? Those in my news club get a special preview (Wow! Two people get a preview! I'm gonna be busy tonight!) By the by, you can enter the club by giving me an e-mail shout-out, though you can only enter Today, Tomorrow, and Monday of the week after next. The days in between those dates I'm visiting with the tiny yet best-loved portion of my family living in South Florida.
Anyway, I'm so happy I'm celebrating by sitting in my den watching ABC's Castle re-runs on my computer all day. Whoo!

(P.S. Haven't taken the comic to the pubisher yet, so if your reading this, don't ask when the comic will be released to the public. 'Cuz that'll tick me off. And I know where you live... okay, I don't really, but still... DON'T DO IT!)

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