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Just finished selected sketches based on scenes from "All Action Classics' Dracula" and "The Big Book of Grimm". Check it out!

The Boy Riding The "Bed Of Doom"
--The Story Of The Boy Who Set Forth To Learn What Fear Was

--Godfather Death

Three Elves and a Baby
--The Elfin Trilogy: The Changeling

Rapunzel lowering her hair

Red-Cap and the Wolf

Snowdrop in her Glass Casket (notice the lump of apple stuck in her throat)

These are all Copyright 2010 Lucas Brandon/Ben Caldwell/Vincent Deporter.

(only half-credit given to the last two names; I might've based my sketches on their's but I still changed them into Grimm scenes)

These sketches are for a book-in-production I'm doing (don't ask dates! Still not to publisher!) about select stories from the Brothers Grimm. Now I know what you're thinking: Fairy tales? Princesses? What?
I'd like you to know that the appearance of the Brothers Grimm over the years has been trajically altered! If you want prissy, pony-filled, rainbow fairy tales, go to Charles Perrault. Not the Brothers Grimm. No offense, but just to give you a snippet of what these world-traveling, horror-making brothers did, try reading their story "The Juniper Tree". And if you're really daring, try reading it from the book "Grimm's grimmest", where there are detailed pictures included! This will give you nightmares! And compared to some of the other stories, "The Juniper Tree" is a prissy, rainbow-filled tea-party! If you're thinking half-wit, poisoned Snow-White, think again. More like vengeful Snowdrop. In the Grimm-tale Snowdrop, the Snow-White character gets revenge on the evil stepmother... by forcing her to dance in fire-hot metal shoes until she died! Prissy Cinderella? More like Ash-Maid, a kick-butt chick whose magical birds vengefully peck out her stepsisters' eyes! Heck, "Red Riding Hood" and Granny even get revenge by boiling a wolf alive!

Stay tuned for sneak-peek pages.

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