Happy Thanksgiving from Random Nation!

Explanation: Me and my friends have been tossing around ideas for a while (2 years). The finished product was: "Adventures from Random Nation". The characters, shown in panel 2 left-to-right, are:
John-- "The youngest said, 'All right, Father. Just give me until daylight and I'll go off to learn how to get the creeps. Then I'll know a trick or two...'" -Brothers Grimm, The Story of the Boy Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was.
John is a young (anti-Nazi) American-German who, despite being  a scholar of history and literature, is too stupid to understand fear, let alone be afraid. He's filthy rich (even though he has no idea how to spend a penny) and is the discoverer of Random-Nation, an uncharted series of islands south of the Peloponese. John has also learned the art of manipulating the elements from the ghouls he entertained in the Haunted Castle, and also he seems to not be familiar with a thing called gravity.

November-- "Then the king said, 'You have saved the castle and shall marry my daughter!'...and the wedding was celebrated. The boy loved his wife dearly..." -Brothers Grimm, The Story of the Boy Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was. November is the daughter of January, King of Skarrip Lass, Germania. She can speak to animals, and is John's wife. She is kind and cares for nature, though she has a wild side.

B-Dog and C-Dog-- B-Dog is a bunyip (an Australian cryptid that resembles a walrus, dog, and horse combined) who John found in his travels and raised from a pup-coal-thing. B-Dog mated with a stray bunyip named C-Dog and the two now live together on Random-Nation.

Vasekhe(us)-- "So, having cleared the road, Theseus came to Athens. But Medeia, being then wedded to Aigeus, plotted against him and persuaded Aigeus to beware of him as a traitor." -Apollodoros, Bibliotheke (The Library). Vasekheus and Medos were the two sons of the exiled Kolkhian-princess Medeia and the late king of Athens, Aigeus. Vasekheus (or Vasekhe as his friends call him) learned the art of shapeshifting from his mother, a well-trained priestess of Hekate, the witch-goddess who Vasekhe incorrectly knows as "Great-Grandma". His arch-enemy is the drakaina Sphinka ("strangler"), a daughter of Ekhidna, who he lost his right eye. She also turned him into a newt, but he got betta (Monty Python humour!). He is also the founder of Random-Nation.

Nikh-- "For his second labour Herakles was instructed to slay the Lernaia-Hydra. The beast was nurtured in the marshes of Lerna, from where it would go out onto the flatland to raid flocks and ruin the land." -Apollodoros, Bibliotheke (The Library). A teenage Hydra who lives with Vasekhe (he's too proud to admit that he is Vasekhe's pet) who is so smart (and, apparently, British) that his middle head can talk.

Kaskada-- The awkward result of a forest-god and river-nymph getting married. She keeps her mother's obsessive-compulsive, boy-crazy personality, and (being a dryad) her father's powers over nature and the manipulation of trees. She can, therefore, become any wooden shape imaginable to get her hubby Vasekhe to do her every wish. Her hair and emotions change with the months.

Marissa-- A boy-crazy naiad who Xachiel had to tie to the ceiling (it's unspecified which ceiling) to keep her from clinging to him for the rest of eternity.

Lhi-- An elemental drakon (a flying serpent whose powers and color change with his emotion) who lived as Sphinka's slave as a child, constantly being called "Fluffy" by her. Vasekhe freed him, but dumb as he is, Lhi apparently believes he is his mother, so he loves and follows him unconditionally.

Sherry Lewis-- A talking chinchilla with dementia.

Xachiel-- "Soon the witch came back and said, 'Greetings, Xachiel!...'" -Brothers Grimm, Jorinda and Yoringel. A boy mentally-stuck in the Middle Ages who is impossibly lazy. He basically followed John and Vasekhe to Random Nation, and built a Middle-Age-themed town on his island.

Rusano (below Panel 1)-- "The Lord of the Castle granted his request with pleasure, but asked where he was headed. 'To the Griffin!' came the reply from Hans." -Brothers Grimm, The Griffin. Xachiel's pet griffon. He secretly wishes he had a smarter master.

The basics are: John, Vasekhe, and Xachiel are co-Kings of Random-Nation (have their own islands, mansions, yachts, etc.) and have crazy adventures. That's basically it. In case you don't get the comic, since everyone but John and November are Greek or European, they don't know what Thanksgiving or a turkey are.

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