My birthday happened. So glad all of you sent presents, cards, and comments on Feb. 27!

That was sarcasm.
I can't believe my parents picked up the subtle hints that I wanted a cookie-cake (after all, I only scribbled it into their day-planners, burnt the words 'I WANNA COOKIE-CAKE' into the side of the house, and hired the Goodyear blimp to fly over bearing the banner 'LUCAS WANTS A FRIGGIN COOKIE-CAKE YOU MORONS')
And here's my new business-card!

Grimm Happenings is my new project. A book-project. Because Legendary recently was drenched in gas, set on fire, and dropped from the Empire State Building (to be scattered along America's coast the next day) by the hideous goblins that are "mid-write editing".
Grimm Happenings is about a British boy (Eli) who just moved to America and is finding he has strange powers. Some of his classmates and teachers (Mr. Batton and the ever-so-hot Angela) seem to know something they aren't telling, and some classmates (like Trevor) seem to unknowingly be part of that something. That's all I'll reveal for now.
Also, I (and by that I mean my dad) am renovating my den. From (dog-pee-covered) carpet (that refuses to be washed) to beautiful tile. Woo!
B.t.w. I noticed no entries were submitted for my art contest. My friend Will is an artist and (yes, I know, he's a judge, but I told him he could submit one if he didn't vote on it) he didn't even submit. (Maybe I should have told him louder. Note to self: Buy megaphone.) I'm giving a redemptive period of until May 15. Then I'll vote (if anyone submits art). Click on the art contest label to see the rules.
I won't be doing very many posts til "HERA: The Goddess and her glory" comes out. Awesome, right?
Expect a Myth-Talk (super-long) about Dionysos (I call him D) soon.

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