Another pic

Yep. There's my pic of Perseus killing Ketos-Aithiopios with the head of Medousa as Andromeda watches. No. I'm not going to explain that. Ha!


  1. Lucas, you are an awesome artist...you will be famous one day.........

  2. Medussa is a epic warrior Haitian Queen. Haitians are Hebrews-Eber. Persus is a astronomical configuration in Canis Major of Ethiopian/Aetherion Chanohk's ancient theocosmology he received in the 10th heaven-plane-kingdom i.e. the highest level of man's divine conscience.
    Sirius, Orion, Pleiades, Aucturus, Mazzoroth, Cagnus the Eye of Alahym all reside in the Language of the Gods the besorah of Torah in the stars. The Pillar of Enoch Isa 19:19,20. Gizeh Plateau Great Khufu dual almanac star map (BenBanneker-Bey Astronomer) voice-activated resonate free-energy power plant. Not Khufu's tomb. "The heavens declare his glory. Day unto day utters speech. Night unto night utters mysteries. The virgin in Virgo Myrym gave birth to the promised savior YahuSha the Lion of YahuDah in Leo. All Roads Lead to Sirius. Amos 5:8,25 Yob 38:31-22 Pleiades Orion Aucturus Mazzoroth. Left turn at Amos 5:26:27 Moloch Chiun/Saturn. www.pillarofenoch.com