Perseus *you may cabbage-patch gleefully now*

That's a preview of my book of gods. Of course I had Medousa in it (technically she and her sisters, the Gorgones, were goddesses, Medousa was just the only one that could die). And if I have in it Medousa, I have to have Perseus (duh). Here's a preview, in which Perseus is told what to do be Athene and Hermes. He travels to the Graiai, the three Gray women, the goddesses of the mist and sea foam, to ask them for help. I based the Graiai's swanlike appearance on the way Aeschylus portrayed them as half swan. Yay!


  1. Looking forward to seeing it published....

  2. Kool site...kool art...just all around kool. I'd call you KHL...Kool Hand Luke.

    I'm water, eagle & mix of comp., rule, love. You?? I'd guess...Earth, lion & mix mostly love then a dash of all the rest.

    Where is my fav...Iccarus? I like flying...not falling! cya KHL...BRM

  3. Do I know you (half the people who comment on my blog are relatives. just wondering)?
    If you would like to see Ikaros (modernly spelled Icarus) on MythTalk...

  4. I'd say your a Zeus (god of the Sky, majesty, thunder, and justice), Anonymous. Me, I'm a Dionysos (Earth, Dolphin, Self-proclaimedly Crazy)