The Classical Club -- Book I

So... my new series, The Classical Club, is under way. Right now, Book I is Greo-Roman Myths, about some of the famous myths from Greece and Rome.Once publisher-approved I'm going to redo my blog and make a website to match the concepts of the series. The Table of Contents for the first Book is:

1. Introduction: the Titanomakhy
2. The Ages of Man: Births of the Gods of Olympos, Prometheus, Pandora, Deukalion, Io, Persephone
3. The House of Thebes:
   1. Kadmos and Europa
   2. The Marriage of Harmonia
   3. Typhoeus and the Attack on Olympos
   4. The Adventures of Dionysos
   5. Oidipus and the Sphinx
   6. The Seven Against Thebes and the Epigoni
4. The House of Mykenai
   1. Danaus and Aigyptos
   2. Perseus and the Head of Medusa (finished)
   3. The Labours of Herakles
5. The House of Athens
   1. Cekrops and the Battle Over Athens
   2. Cephalos and His Wife
   3. Prokne and Philomela
   4. Daidalos and Ikaros
   5. Theseus and the Minotauros
6. Iason and the Argonauts
7. Orpheus and Atalanta
8. Midas and the Golden Touch
9. Sisyphos and Bellerophontes
10. Thetis and the Judgement of Alexandros
11. Romulos and Remos: Birth of a Nation

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