For the Lady with the hot pink VW Bug...

You left your lights on.

Man in Crowd: Hey! I'm not a lady!

Oooooooh-kaaaaaaaayy theen. (For those of you who are slow to understanding, the pun to that is that a full-grown man owns a hot pink VW bug... HELLO!) (I'm talking to you, dad.)

I'm hosting an art contest.

The rules: You create a poster for your favorite myth/classical novel (Herakles, Dracula, Odyssey, Arabian Nights, etc.)
You send it to me.
After careful judging by me, my mom, and Will, the best will be the winner, and will be posted on my blog with the others on New Years.

Conditions: Any one can enter. You can use anything from markers to pencil to pastels, etc.

You must have this form with your piece when you send it:

Winner gets a 10-chapter peview of LEGENDARY (that's about a quarter of it, guys. don't even THINK of robbing me of it. plus, I'm only going to give it AFTER the book is published, but before it comes out in stores).

Also include your e-mail address. (For those of you with a brain, you should find irony in that)

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