Legendary Book I

You know that book I mentioned before? Legenday, Book I: Quest For The Golden Fleece. Yep, it's growing. Basic plot: Sierra, a Floridian tomboy, has lived a very unusual life. Aside from having been orphaned in an incredibly mysterious fire and adopted by a family with a reclusive son, Max, she could come out to seem normal. Then the Smiths, her adoptive parents whom she grew up with, disappear, and her adoptive brother Max reveals a startling secret. Now Sierra finds herself plunged into a world of modern Greek myth, and is on a quest to find her "parents" and save them. In a whole new world that is part of our own, she must face petrifying creatures, electrifying sea-serpents, and a horrible dragon, in order to claim the Golden Fleece and find her "parents", on the way discovering twists and traps, and even finding out what really happened to her biological parents.
Again, patents. sue. get it.

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