Just a'drawin and a'thinkin...

Recently did these. The first is a title I did for One-Thousand and One Nights, a book that I absolutely love. I saw the movie "Arabian Nights" yesterday, which is based on it. Have to say, Arabian Nights is a favorite of mine.

The second picture is one I drew, scanned, edited, and colored, while at the same time watching the movie. It's of Aladdin, and for those of you who don't know, if it wasn't for 1001 Nights he wouldn't have ever come into being. The only thing I hate about the movie Arabian Nights is that it makes all the djinni look self-absorbed and evil. Sure, in the book, some of 'em were, but Aladdin's weren't (yes. weren't. plural. In the book he had two djinni. another thing. it's djinni. not genie.). I really like the way djinni were portrayed in Disney's Aladdin (though I don't like how in Disney's movie they changed a lot about the story) by Robin Williams. He was perfect as the Djinn. Anyway, there you go.

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