Say your goodbyes

Monday my mom is dragging me to a super-cool yet super-low-tech camp for a week to be a "helper". I would be perfectly fine with it, considering I'll be taking a drama class there (I <3 acting!). But sadly, there are no cable, no TV, no computer, and no cell phones allowed. I hate that. I have to go 5 1/2 days without my technology! I will die! I need technology! I need my book from the series All-Action Classics based on the Odyssey which will be arriving UPS on Tuesday! They could at least let me bring a laptop! What is this? The Roman Age? (actually I've always wanted to see what it's like in the Roman Age, but last time I checked, this place doesn't have dinner-recliners, communal toilets, and bathhouses... plus, I'm pretty sure we won't be eating stuffed dormouse for dinner)


At least I'll have enough time to catch the new episode of Unnatural History (yes, I watch that show and I watch that channel. Sometimes, people - and you know this is true - there're just no good "big-kid shows" on TV... <:D)

(gotta love bad grammer)

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